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Steps to set an adventurous birthday party

This is our solution for celebrating special moment together at home. The family throw a party to celebrate their twin daughters’ birthday. Due to the pandemic, the event is being held at home. To add more fun and festivities, they virtually ‘invited’ their extended family and friends via video conference. Let’s see how they set this birthday party and get inspired.

Choose the theme and decorations

This family chose a jungle theme for the twin’s birthday with the variety of green colours, animal soft toys, wooden crates, and pink accent for the added feminine touch.

Create a birthday signage

A signage will add more excitement to the party. Use a black board, then write and draw some exciting illustrations using chalks. Customise everything in the jungle theme.

Add kids’ favorite characters

Bring the children favorite soft toys as part of the decoration and set up their characters to add more fun and excitement to the birthday party.

Be creative with table settings

For the dining table, use artificial leaves and flowers to create a jungle-like table runner. Add with matching coloured plates and bowl, also colourful placemats as accents.

Put unique decorations on children’s chairs

Children also want to sit in their own chairs like the adults. Arrange their table and chairs by putting unique decorations to create more festive mood to the party.

Arrange children’s table setting

Use tableware and placemats in fun colours and patterns, also make sure that everything is perfectly safe for the children so they can eat on their own without making the parent worry.

Entertain with a piñata

Make the party more interesting with the presence of a piñata. You can easily create your own using cardboards and colourful papers. Fill the piñata with anything you like, from healthy toddler snacks to small-sized toys. 

For creating sweet memories

Make goodie bags filled with food containers and water bottle as a sweet birthday memory which will later be sent to the homes of the family and friends who were ‘invited’ virtually via video call.

Make the outdoor part of the party

Spread the fun by decorating the outdoor area with DIY lightings so the kids can play and enjoy the party outside as well.