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Finally meet SJÄLVSTÄNDIG limited edition collection. It’s not for everyone. It’s not meant to blend in. It’s not mainstream, and it’s definitely not shy. So, what is it then? It’s whatever.
Do pillows only belong in sofas and chairs? What if plain tape turns into your very own art installation? Who says that a carpet has to be geometric? All is open for personal interpretation with SJÄLVSTÄNDIG. Originally inspired by hacking and DIY movements, these independent pieces are created for you to put your personal touch to them – to do whatever you want.

Did you know that “självständig” means independent in Swedish?

“I think it’s such a good opportunity to heighten a theme through the collection name. Independence is something that sets you free and has a confidence to it – we wanted this to be the aesthetics of the collection.”

Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader

Is it a pillow?

Maybe it’s a pillow. Thanks to the buttons on this SJÄLVSTÄNDIG cushion, you might be tempted to use it as a hat, or other self-created fashion accessory too. Simply put: go bold and do whatever you want with it.

Carpet diem, every day

Opening up new ways in which you can personalise your home, the SJÄLVSTÄNDIG carpets are cut in geometric shapes, combining both colours and patterns.

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