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ÖVERALLT Collection

Scandinavian design meets modern Africa

The story of ÖVERALLT began a few years ago when IKEA teamed up with Design Indaba, a global creative network and online publication, to learn more about what is happening in the contemporary African design sphere.
This turned out to be the start of a collaboration – the first of its kind. In-house IKEA designers teamed up with ten different African designers and artists within the fields of architecture, fashion, sculpture and furniture design. Together they explored modern African rituals in urban environments. The results? Limited edition collection ÖVERALLT.
Three ÖVERALLT rugs in different colours, sizes and materials.
An ÖVERALLT basket made from a curvy black steel frame, partly covered with hand-crocheted black yarn ornaments.

“This is how design makes the world smaller
and brings people of different cultures
closer together.”

– Bibi Seck, Designer
A multicoloured ÖVERALLT bag made from crisps packaging waste and with both long and short handles.
Here’s a sneak peek; 33 pieces, mixing modern ideas with traditional craft, designed to create more room for
gathering, expressing oneself and creating new, better habits together. Including larger pieces of furniture, tableware, textiles, and a fashionably sustainable tote bag
amongst others – get ready for ÖVERALLT.

Bag, multicolour

Rp 249.000

More options available

Footstool, outdoor blue

Rp 795.000

Oil jug, glass

Rp 99.900

Wall shelf, plywood

Rp 799.000

Designed to bring people together

Uncomplicate the dinner party and throw an informal block party? The round ÖVERALLT table and accompanying curved benches make for the perfect base. Both made out of solid eucalyptus, the bench’s soft curve and inviting design allows you to arrange several benches for new, exciting meetings; form a circle around the matching table, or why not one long, curved seat? Either way, there’s always room for more.

Like with all ÖVERALLT products, the bench and table have been inspired by different modern lifestyles in urban parts of Africa. In this case, it’s the Kenyan ritual of taking the time to eat together – no matter how busy one’s life might be.

Carafe, glass

Rp 199.000