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GRATULERA 1950's - 1960's

We know you’ve missed them. We have too.

Step into the 50-60’s; a time when designs capture a sombre expression where darker woods meet classic lines. Celebrating IKEA turning 75 years, GRATULERA vintage collection features everything you need to add a modern retro touch to your home. For example, the STRANDMON armchair is now being brought back in a new colour. And did you know it was one of Ingvar Kamprad’s favourites? Sit back and explore GRATULERA - but it’s a limited edition so if you like something, act fast. Launching in October, come visit your local store.

Explore more editions of GRATULERA

Launching at three different dates, the GRATULERA limited edition vintage collection brings back some of your (and our) fondest memories of IKEA. We’ve missed these golden oldies quite a bit, and hope you have too.

70-80’s edition

You can check out these fun favourites from the second launch of GRATULERA vintage collection - in case you missed it.

>> See the 70-80’s edition of GRATULERA limited edition vintage collection

90-00’s edition, launching December

Looking back upon the 90’s, it doesn’t feel all too long ago, right? It’s clean and minimal, mixing untreated, blonde Scandinavian woods with graphic patterns.

Launching soon!


Carrier bag, large, 50-60s

Rp 19.900


Decorative bowl, clear glass

Rp 29.900


Footstool with storage, djuparp dark green-blue

Rp 1.795.000


Glass, glass/patterned

Rp 149.000 / 6 pieces


Rug, high pile, grey/black

Rp 1.199.000


Side table, light brown

Rp 1.299.000


Tray, brown

Rp 129.000


Wing chair, djuparp dark green-blue

Rp 4.295.000