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Sleep well, be well

Sleep quality doesn't always relate with how much sleep you get each night. Deep sleep moment can be reached when all your five senses feel comfortable and relaxed. Let's find out how to sleep better by stimulating your five senses. Because in the end the quality of sleep affects the quality of our life.

Psst.. It's bed time

Did you know that stress can adversely affect sleep quality? The serene ambience and the soft scent of aromatherapy are good for relaxation and sleep better.

A soft touch for better sleep

It's nice when we can sleep on a comfy mattress with soft duvet cover and pillowcases. One more reason to sleep longer, especially on weekend.

Turn off the lights, please

Although our eyes are closed while sleeping, they also need to feel comfortable. By placing a night light near the bed, you can more easily dim/turn off the lights when you are about to rest. Or try using our smart lighting so you can adapt the light through a remote control or IKEA Home smart app.

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Good morning sunshine!

Welcome a new day with a bright smile by serving a simple breakfast and enjoy it in bed. Or you can simply prepare a bottle of water on the bedside table to hydrate your body after a good night's sleep.

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